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Well I was entertained. And I thought it was trippy. I enjoy trippy things. Of course, I find many things trippy. Aaanyways it was interesting to see base porportioning animated. Makes me wanna try making a flash again....

My interpretation...

I haven't read all the reviews as I actually have a life but from what I saw most interpretations are overly focused on the word child in the title. The protagonist is a child so it must be a statement on pedophilia, right?

Umm, did no one notice the antagonist looked a lot like a nun? Maybe the flash is commenting on the churches tendency to use the innocent ignorance of children to blind them and then drag them around under their power? In the end the scuba dude (ok, have no clue on the symbolism there except maybe something to do with SUB culture...?) destroys the nun and gives the child back his sight. The kid, no longer blinded by the church, is now able to see reality and has the scar to remind him not to trust nuns on subway cars.

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wow, something intelligent on Newgrounds. Ive watched it a few times through and i still havnt got all the meaning out of it.

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Exellent moral and theme...
Very hard though.

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for some reason this song made me think of walking through a city watching it slowly turn into some insane cartoon... i like the random entrance of sounds and little riffs that seem to add to the insanity of it, and it never gets repetitive. im sure if I looked back a bit i would figure it out, but what programs do you use?

MackerelSalad responds:

thanks dude!
well, my main sequencer for this tune was Fruityloops, but most sounds are made with absynth, my bass guitar, blue note samples i cut and sliced, monastery monks chanting, percussion sounds i recorded and edited, old skool breaks, synthesized drums, etc. thanks for reviewing!

very nice

I love the "muddy" low sound of your music, good to chill to. But i mostly like how unique it is. I havnt heard much like it on newgrounds.

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really like the song. Mellow, kind of a little twisted feeling, which i like.

Is that a bong going in the background?

MackerelSalad responds:

Yeah, it is a fucking bong!
So glad you noticed.
Thanks for the review!

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